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Check out our support section for a whole list of student support services, from online counselling to online help in reading, special needs support and more.

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A section where students can find information on how to use teleskola.mt together with some resources they can use.


A section where parents can find information on anything related to education. News, Calendars, Subject Information etc.


A section where educators can find resources to help them prepare their lessons and other material for their students. 

Why Teleskola.mt?

Teleskola.mt was built to help parents, guardians, students and educators to easily find distance learning resources and lessons

Latest News from Teleskola.mt

Reviżjoni Tas-Sillabi Kollha – Revisions to all Syllabi

A review of all syllabi from Kindergarten to Year Eight was carried out in order to catch up with the six months of education that have been missed.

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COVID-19 Information Page

As part of the new parents portal in Teleskola.mt, we created a school-centric COVID-19 information page.

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Major Update: New Parents Section on Teleskola.mt

Today I launched the new parents & guardians portal on Teleskola.mt. The new section is aimed for parents, guardian and carers offering the most important information

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