Day: 8 June 2020

Task 62: Triangles and Quadrilaterals

The moment we start asking students to notice and wonder in Mathematics by looking at diagrams and numbers, we are pivoting learning around the students ideas and their prior knowledge. Noticing (observing) and wondering (asking questions) are very intense practices that develop curiosity, perseverance and reasoning among other useful skills.

The Critical Choice of Labour Saving Devices

A labour saving device is a device which saves time and energy (physical and / or fuel).
This lesson is about:
– Understanding what is a labour saving device
– Classifying equipment into essential ones and equipment which is less frequently used
– Explaining the safe, correct use and care of the different labour saving devices
– Identifying the factors which determine the correct choice of an appliance

Air Pressure Systems 2: Depressions

In this lesson we will learn about the typical sequence of weather brought about by the passage of a mid-latitude depression. We will understand the meaning and sequence of the warm front, warm sector, cold front and occluded front and the typical weather associated with each. We will also learn how to recognise a depression on a weather chart and be able to forecast the weather for a particular locality shown on a weather chart that shows a mid-latitude depression.