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Aqra Kemm Tiflaħ is a programme which focuses on enriching classroom libraries and providing a rich literacy environment within the classroom. Each state Primary class in Years 1, 2 and 3 is being provided with a minimum of 100 high-appeal books for its classroom library. The books are both fiction and non-fiction in Maltese and English.

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More Links:

aqra mieghi

Read With Me

Aqra Miegħi / Read with Me is a FREE Early Literacy Programme for children aged 0 to 3. To book a session phone 2598 2990


The Magic of Stories

Seħer l-Istejjer/ The Magic of Stories, is a family literacy programme intended for children of 4 to 6 years and their parents or caregivers.


Reading Ambassadors

Reading Ambassadors' are prominent local people appointed by the Ministry for Education to encourage children and young people to read and write.



appoġġjat minn Banif Bank, huwa proġett mifrux fuq medda ta’ tliet snin bl-għan li jkattar il-ħiliet tal-lingwa u tal-litteriżmu fost it-tfal


Aqra Fis-Sajf

Aqra fis-Sajf / Summer Reading Programme is an intensive literacy campaign to promote reading during the summer.



The Nwar family literacy programme, provided by the NLA, offers intensive literacy support for children and their parents/gurardians.

klabb nahla

Klabb Naħla

Il-programm 'Klabb Naħla' qed joffri intervent intensiv ta' litteriżmu wara l-ħin tal-iskola lil tfal mit-tieni u sas-sitt sena tal-Primarja.



The Literacy and Information Support Unit (LISU) is responsible for the provision of services on all issues related to school libraries and literacy.


Reading Stars

The objective of this campaign is to encourage children and adolescents who love reading to be role models by reading in public spaces and to encourage reading for pleasure among young readers.


Language Policy Malta

he Language Policy in Education Unit: • promotes bilingualism in schools. • provides support to parents, educators and school management teams

Xalati Ta' Kitba

The National Literacy Agency (NLA) organises Family Writing Activity as part of the Malta Writing programme (MWP).

Malta Writing Programme

The Malta Writing Programme serves schools, school networks and local communities around the Maltese Islands.