Year 11 French

L’Autocorrection – Correcting your own mistakes

Very often, when we receive a corrected essay, we do not really go over our work to revise the mistakes so as not to repeat them. Unfortunately, we just make sure that we obtain a decent mark and that is it. It is not the first time that we repeat the same mistakes over and over again. This is because we do not really and truly try to understand the teacher’s correction.
In this lesson, you will learn self-assessment strategies which will help you minimise certain mistakes.

Les pronoms démonstratifs

In this lesson you will learn how to recognize and use the demonstrative pronouns in French. You will find four different pronouns namely : celui, celle, ceux and celles. The difference between them lies in the gender (Masculine – Feminine) and number (Singular-Plural) of the noun they replace. The demonstrative pronouns cannot be used on their own. They are accompanied by little words such as -ci and -là : ex: Voici des fleurs: celles-ci sont rouges, celles-là sont jaunes.