Computing Activities


What are the computing activities?

Activities for all

The Computing department will be developing challenges/activities for all students. The intention is to further stimulate interest in the IT sphere among our students in general, whilst fishing for those coding enthusiast out there!

Who’ll rise to these challenges?

The workouts

Year 10 Revision Quiz

How fast can you run against time? Try out this interactive quiz as part of your Computing studies! Follow to quiz:


Trophy 3D Design Project

Submit a 3D design of a trophy for the Computing department which can be 3D printed. The theme is CODING.
You can use any software of preference and the trophy must not exceed: 10x10cm base & 15cm height.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation. The chosen trophy design will be 3D printed and given to the winner.

*The winner can also have the privilege to allow us using his/her design to any competition we may organize.


Year 9 Revision Quiz

Do you have what it takes to rank among the top three contenders?
Try out this interactive quiz as part of your Computing studies.


Auto Dispensing Hand Sanitizer Project

Submit a video clip of your auto dispensing hand sanitizer project using any platform of your preference.

Take a glimpse of a ready-made project in the video clip attached.


Credit Card Check Digit

Try this activity using any programming language of your preference.