Habitat From Your Window

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Birdlife Malta

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30 mins.

What should you expect from this lesson?

The aim of this lesson is to spend some time observing what livings one can spot directly from one's window.

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Resources required:
A window, an ID guide (optional) and binoculars (optional)

Description of activity:
Choose a nearby outdoor space to draw from your window, roof or courtyard. It could be a group of trees, or it could be very small like a potted plant.
Spend time observing what is living there. Look out for insects, birds, plants and any human activity too!
Draw and label your habitat.

Investigation Questions:
How many different types of plants are there?
How many of the things in the area are natural compared to man made?
Can you name any of the plants?
If you could improve the area, what would you add?

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