Ich gehe zum / zur … / I go to …

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Erica Kawka Armeni

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80 mins.

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Aim of the lesson: In this lesson, you will learn how to form and understand simple expressions and sentences using the preposition zu / to in German.

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This is a lesson that gives you the time to reflect on the preposition zu / to. It is designed as a reference source and focuses on the most important variations that happen when using zu. As another point of reference before you start this lesson make sure you have looked into the vocabulary related to different places in a city in German. Go to lesson: In der Stadt / In the City (Year 8 German, Year 9 German First Year or Year 10 German SPA Level 2 Part 1 ).
Step 1

Watch this presentation to familiarise yourself with variations of the prepostion zu (zum and zur). Try to repeat the questions. (Listening and Speaking)

Step 2
In this video you will be practicing in detail the preposition zu and you will be learning when and how to use it. In the end there will be a small exercise. It is a self – test. You may take notes whilst listening. (Reading, Listening and Writing)

Step 3
Watch this other video explaining further how and when to use the preposition zu. In the end there will be another small exercise. It is a self – test. Try to form sentences with zu and you may take notes whilst listening. (Reading, Listening and Writing)

Step 4

Now it is time to check whether you have understood the use of the prepositon zu. Click on these links to work out online tasks. In the first task you will practice zum and zur in questions. In the second task  you have to fill in the missing word: zum or zur. They are both self – tests. (Reading, Listening and Speaking)

Link 1                  Link 2

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