Lingwini Chinese

The date in Mandarin Chinese

This lesson aims to explain how to write the date in Mandarin.

Lingwini Chinese

The days of the week

This lesson uses knowledge from the previous lesson on numbers and aims to explain the days of the week.

Lingwini Chinese

The numbers in Mandarin Chinese

This lesson aims to introduce the numbers in Mandarin Chinese.

Lingwini Chinese

ix-xemx 日 u l-qamar 月

This lesson explains how to write the characters 日 and 月 – the sun and the moon,

Lingwini Chinese

writing my first characters in Chinese (Mandarin)

During this lesson learners will learn how to write their first characters in Mandarin Chinese.
First they will start with 人 (ren) person, then (da) 大 big and then 天 (tian) sky.