Más trabajo con Pretérito Indefinido

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Sandra Daly, Racine Cassar

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In this lesson you will be able to work more with the Pretérito Indefinido.

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How to carry out this lesson at home:

Step 1: Watch this video.
Step 2: Go to resources and read the notes on Pretérito Indefinido.
Step 3: Open this link about Miguel de Cervantes  and choose the correct verb. Then go to this second link  about El Greco which is also in the past and choose the correct preposition.
Step 4: Go to the resource section and read the comprehension about Frida Kahlo. After, you have 4 multiple choice questions to do.
Step 5: From the resource section, work out the handout practica en clase. You can check your work on the answer sheet.

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