Students Section

In this section students will find an explanation on how they can access the pool of resources on together with resources that they can use when working on the material they will be provided with by educators. Students can also find information on how they can access iLearn and MySchool.

How to search for a resource/lesson

Search for a lesson

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Video in Maltese

Video in English

Do you want to ask questions or post comments for a particular lesson? You have to register on , watch these videos if you need help on how to create an account.



Connecting with your school

There are various ways how students can connect with their school and teachers.

Some are using communication software such as Microsoft Teams and others are using email services. This video is particularly interesting for state school students explaining how to access your iLearn account and also your MySchool.

Any state school students who have lost their iLearn account need to contact their school so that the clerks can help you with recovering your email username and password.

Resources to help you work on your lessons

Resources on how to use MySchool logo MySchool

Click on the button below for a selection of video tutorials on how to use the MySchool VLE


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to access MySchool

Microsoft Teams

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to access Microsoft Teams


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to access iLearn


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to access Fronter

Did you know...

If you have an iLearn email account you can download a copy of the latest Microsoft Office 365 for Free and install it on up to 5 devices.

Look at this instruction presentation explaining how you can download your copy.